Wine the Flick?! — American Made

So I’m doing something new that may go somewhere and may go nowhere, but it’s an idea I’ve been thinking about for a while and finally got a chance to try. I’ve wanted to do a series of reviews in which I sit down with a friend over a glass of wine, talk about a movie and shoot video of our conversation. It’s sort of a spin-off of What the Flick?! that I’m calling Wine the Flick?!

For my inaugural edition, I brought along the brilliant and beautifulĀ Lauren Sivan, a longtime TV and radio personality, to see “American Made.” The latest Tom Cruise extravaganza — based on the true story of Barry Seal, a pilot who got insanely wealthy smuggling weapons and drugs into the United States during the ’80s — is asĀ Tom Cruisey as we’d hoped. Please enjoy this (extremely rough) first effort, shot at the ArcLight Hollywood over a couple glasses of cabernet. More to come.

10 Comments on “Wine the Flick?! — American Made

  1.  by  Krishna

    Great start. Never a dull moment in your reviews Christy. Was not looking forward for this movie. But i will give it a try. Hoping a bit high resolution videos in the future.

  2.  by  Argo

    Just found your site, Christy. You and the “What the Flick” guys are the best critics in the business. I love this casual approach with you and your friend. It’s like “normal” people talking about a movie they just saw.

    •  by  Christy Lemire

      Thanks so much! We aim for “normalcy.”