What the Flick?! — The To Do List

Dammit, we like Aubrey Plaza. And we want better for her than this comedy that hangs her out to dry.

2 Comments on “What the Flick?! — The To Do List

  1.  by  k.g.lee

    Hey there, Christy! So glad you are doing this… I discovered your work through the Ebert show, and always loved your fine blend of cheerful honesty. I especially LOVED the chemistry you had with Ignatiy, and thank the Eberts for exposing us to you… but now it’s time for goofy confessions 101. HERE IT IS… the dark admission: I always go to see movies first, then watch/read reviews afterwards, to see if I agree with whomever. And with that, I will def check out the Aubrey movie this weekend… and later let you know if you are/were right! p.s. you and Ignatiy did turn me on to Certified Copy… or I later profoundly agreed with your assessments! I often send the clip from Ebert Presents of you two talking about that movie, to friends that I think need to see it. So there’s that! anywayze, thanks for doing what you do!
    p.s. what might be fun is if you have your “weekend flick-pick o’the week” and you point us to any given movie, on tv that weekend, you either haven’t seen, or think we should see… maybe based on a vintage review of yours? then we all come back and tell ya you were crazy for making us watch it! ;0)

  2.  by  k.g.lee

    Ok, I cant believe the fine WTF folks found the one person that LIKES this movie… but here is my lil’ review… written immediately after the film ~ and before I watched the WTF clip: “The TO DO LiST:(D+) Plays like the mortifying movie Aubrey Plaza would’ve wanted buried once Parks & Recreation kicked in. Not the headliner vehicle that may stunt her big screen future. Could’ve also been a nice wink and nod to the roles Janeane Garofalo left behind in the 90’s, picking up where she left off ~ instead of puking where she sat on (literally). That Bill Hader is hugely behind this film makes it more worrisome. Go see The Way Way Back, instead, for everything this film isn’t but wanted to be.”