— Left Behind

A movie about the Rapture starring Nicolas Cage should be wackier than this. As an airline pilot who has to fly a plane under difficult circumstances of biblical proportions, Cage is oddly inert. You want him to bring the wide-eyed, full-bore crazy; instead he’s the calm voice of reason. But this remake of the 2000 […] — Endless Love

My love … there’s only you in my life. And this remake which in no way resembles the 1981 Franco Zeffirelli original. Director and co-writer Shana Feste kept the names the same in adapting this melodramatic story of forbidden teenage love, but she took out all the crazy. My review. Read the review here

What the Flick?! — RoboCop

Enough already with the ’80s remakes, amirite? The new “RoboCop” lacks the cheeky satire of the original, but it’s got a great cast and the visual effects are pretty dazzling. The boys and I are all mixed on it.