— One Direction: This Is Us

When the fine folks at needed a review of the One Direction documentary, they came to the right place. I definitely have some thoughts on the lads — “a confection, held together by hair product and harmony” — as well as the glossy, superficial way director Morgan Spurlock depicts them. Read the review here

What the Flick?! — One Direction: This Is Us

They’re just five regular lads having the time of their lives — or so the members of One Direction keep telling us over and over again in Morgan Spurlock’s glossy, superficially entertaining documentary.

Studio 11 LA — One Direction: This Is Us, Getaway, Closed Circuit

Lauren Sivan and I talk about the glossy propaganda that is the One Direction documentary and some other terrible late-August releases on Studio 11 LA. Watch the Video

Movies With Friends — One Direction: This Is Us

Amy Nicholson and I know our way around a boy band. The LA Weekly film critic and I are grown-ass women, but we’re not above singing along to the Backstreet Boys in my kitchen — and harmonizing. That’s how dorky we are. So when I saw that the documentary “One Direction: This Is Us” was […]