Movies With Friends — Lucy

Jen Wang is one of the smartest women I know — so who better to bring with me to see “Lucy,” a movie about the smartest woman on the planet? Jen is a fellow school mom — our sons have been classmates and buddies for the past couple years — and the co-creator of the […] — Brick Mansions

The last film Paul Walker completed before his death in a November 2013 car crash is an English-language remake of the French action thriller “District B13.” It’s ridiculous, but at least it has the decency to acknowledge that it’s ridiculous. And it’s a solid showcase of Walker’s charisma, agility and strong screen screen presence. He […]

What the Flick?! — The Family

Alonso, Ben and I liked this mob comedy better than a lot of other critics did. Great cast, dark humor, clever violence.