10 Worst Films of 2013

Ah, the assembly of the annual worst-films list. One of my Twitter followers asked me why I felt the need to engage in this torturous exercise. Trust me, I love movies and feel hugely privileged to be able to write about them for a living. But reflecting on the worst movies of the year along […]

RogerEbert.com — The Canyons

Maybe playing a troubled young woman wasn’t the best way for Lindsay Lohan to escape being a troubled young woman. My review of “The Canyons” for RogerEbert.com. Read the review here

What the Flick?! — The Canyons

Is “The Canyons” the train wreck you’re expecting? We try to steer you in the right direction — while still looking sexy in spiky heels — in our What the Flick?! review.

Studio 11 LA — The Canyons, Wolverine box office

Lauren Sivan and I talk about the train wreck that is “The Canyons” on Studio 11 LA. You know you’re curious. Watch the Video