— I Am Eleven

Documentarian Genevieve Bailey certainly means well with “I Am Eleven,” in which she interviews 11-year-old boys and girls from around the world on topics ranging from love and marriage to war and religion to culture and the environment. But she’s included so many kids and she skips around between them so quickly with so little […]

What the Flick?! — Dolphin Tale 2

This harmless and heartwarming film is the sequel to 2011’s “Dolphin Tale,” in case you recall that there was an original “Dolphin Tale.” Ashley Judd and Morgan Freeman are both in it, but sadly, they do not run around solving dolphin-related crimes.

What the Flick?! — Muppets Most Wanted

I really wanted to love “Muppets Most Wanted.” It’s got a lot of funny individual bits and jokes and celebrity cameos, but the story just isn’t there, especially compared to the most recent Muppet movie. As Matt puts it here, “It’s fine, it just isn’t great.”