— Man Up

“Man Up” is a pretty standard romantic comedy on paper, featuring all the tropes of the genre: the meet-cute, the wacky friends, the spontaneous dance routine, etc. But the charismatic Lake Bell and Simon Pegg have such sparkling chemistry, they make this predictable trip worthwhile. Bell, in Bridget Jones mode as a lonely London singleton, […]

What the Flick?! — Alan Partridge

You don’t have to have seen a single episode of any of the Alan Partridge TV shows to enjoy this feature-length film version. Steve Coogan is at his best with his signature comic character: a pompous, condescending but exceedingly needy and awkward British broadcaster. “Alan Partridge” is available on demand, so check it out.

What the Flick?! — One Direction: This Is Us

They’re just five regular lads having the time of their lives — or so the members of One Direction keep telling us over and over again in Morgan Spurlock’s glossy, superficially entertaining documentary.

What the Flick?! — Closed Circuit

Eric Bana and Rebecca Hall star in this solid but thoroughly forgettable British legal thriller.

Movies With Friends — One Direction: This Is Us

Amy Nicholson and I know our way around a boy band. The LA Weekly film critic and I are grown-ass women, but we’re not above singing along to the Backstreet Boys in my kitchen — and harmonizing. That’s how dorky we are. So when I saw that the documentary “One Direction: This Is Us” was […]

What the Flick?! — The World’s End

Matt, Alonso and I can’t remember the last time we had this much fun at a movie. “The World’s End” is a must-see.