— Strangerland

“Strangerland” is Nicole Kidman’s first Australian indie since 1989’s “Dead Calm.” It is beautifully shot and well-acted but relentlessly bleak. My review. Read the review here — The Little Death

“The Little Death,” an Australian sex comedy that takes its title from the French idiom for orgasm, bops around between various couples exploring their fetishes and fantasies. There are a few laughs but a lot more jarring tonal shifts, as well as an unpleasant streak of sexual assault. My review. Read the review here — I Am Eleven

Documentarian Genevieve Bailey certainly means well with “I Am Eleven,” in which she interviews 11-year-old boys and girls from around the world on topics ranging from love and marriage to war and religion to culture and the environment. But she’s included so many kids and she skips around between them so quickly with so little […]

What the Flick?! — The Rover

“The Rover” is a slow burn — a bleak vision of a parched, post-apocalyptic wasteland, but one with surprises and startling bursts of violence in store. Australian director David Michod’s follow-up to the great “Animal Kingdom” features a stoic Guy Pearce and Robert Pattinson doing the most daring (and un-“Twilight”-like) work of his career. Matt […] — John Doe: Vigilante

“John Doe: Vigilante” is a shrill and sanctimonious screed about the ineffectiveness of the judicial system, combined with gory scenes of repeat offenders dying the deaths they “deserve.” Intended as a serial killer thriller, it’s more of a slog, not so much a whodunit as a whydunit—and by the end, it’s: Who cares? My one-star […] — Adore

Naomi Watts and Robin Wright bring dignity to this cougar-tastic tale of lifelong best friends who have affairs with each others’ sons. It’s exquisitely photographed but ultimately melodramatic. As I say in my review for, it’s what my mom would have called “good trash.” Read the review here