— Before We Go

When it came time for Chris Evans to direct his first film, he strayed far from the behemoth Marvel movies that made him a superstar. “Before We Go” is a walking-and-talking New York City romance in which Evans and Alice Eve co-star as strangers who connect in the middle of the night. Despite their individual […] — Cold Comes the Night

A convincingly de-glammed Alice Eve is the best reason to see this neo-noir thriller set in upstate New York. She plays a single mom struggling to bet by as the owner of a rundown motel — then Bryan Cranston shows up as a bad guy with a giggle-inducing Boris Badenov accent. My review. Read […] — Some Velvet Morning

Stanley Tucci and Alice Eve tear each other apart in spectacularly verbal fashion in “Some Velvet Morning,” writer-director Neil LaBute’s return to the kind of blackheartedness with which he made his name. My review. Read the review here

What the Flick?! — Some Velvet Morning

Alonso and I marvel at the verbal sparring of Stanley Tucci and Alice Eve in Neil LaBute’s biting and twisty “Some Velvet Morning.”