What the Flick?! — Oscar picks

The Academy Awards are this Sunday. Perhaps you’ve heard. Ben, Matt, Alonso and I do our best to predict who will win on Hollywood’s biggest night.

Oscar Picks

Usually by this point in awards season (if not sooner), it’s pretty clear what’s going to happen on Oscar night. Clear favorites emerge, especially in the best-picture category: “Argo” last year, “The Artist” in 2012. But things could go a few different ways Sunday night at the Academy Awards. So! Here are a few thoughts […]

What the Flick?! — Best of 2013

Ben, Alonso and I choose our favorite movies from 2013. You all know that my No. 1 pick is: “Gravity.” But what did the guys select? The anticipation is agonizing, isn’t it?

On Gravity, All Is Lost and the Allure of Solitude

Is “All Is Lost” “Gravity” on a boat, or is “Gravity” “All Is Lost” in space? The proximity of the release of these two films — which surely will rank among the year’s best — offers an intriguing juxtaposition. Where would you rather be stranded: floating in the middle of nowhere in the stars, or […]

Studio 11 LA — Gravity

As if I needed more opportunities to rave about how great “Gravity” is, the lovely folks at Studio 11 LA had me on to discuss its huge opening weekend box office. Watch the video here


Warner Bros. Pictures Rated PG-13 for intense perilous sequences, some disturbing images and brief strong language. Running time: 91 minutes. Four stars out of four. Believe the hype: “Gravity” is as jaw-droppingly spectacular as you’ve heard — magnificent from a technical perspective but also a marvel of controlled acting and precise tone. This is not […]

What the Flick?! — Gravity

Everything you’ve heard is true. Alfonso Cuaron’s latest film is a minor masterpiece: astonishingly beautiful and inescapably tense. See it in 3-D on the biggest possible screen you can find.