Studio 11 LA — Gravity

As if I needed more opportunities to rave about how great “Gravity” is, the lovely folks at Studio 11 LA had me on to discuss its huge opening weekend box office.

Watch the video here

2 Comments on “Studio 11 LA — Gravity

  1.  by  Ted

    “Like sock puppets.” Very nice and vivid video review.

  2.  by  JozieLee

    Totally agree with your review. Very good movie.

    I have probs with IMAX . . . dizziness/nausea . . . so 3D is as high-tech as I dared to go.

    For the first 10 minutes the glasses didn’t work for me unless I turned them around, with the earguards facing away from me. Once the screen turned black, and they started to tumble the glasses worked fine. I don’t know if it was me or the projection.

    Being a child of the 60s, infant of space travel, I love this genre. I grew up on Star Trek, The Jetsons cartoon show, 2001 Space Odyssey. By now (2013) I expected us to be using jet packs to toodle around town, not confined to cars and freeways.

    The story, told from Ryan Stone’s POV, was fascinating – at some points we were watching her in action, then suddenly we’re looking through her eyes, then watching her again. I liked that. I got her “arc.” Well told story.

    The visuals. I felt as though I was in space along with them. Flawless CGI, Cinematography . . . however they filmed it. Some of the action was repetitive. I guess it had to be.

    The 90minute run time was just enough. No filler. No loose ends.