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Wedding Palace Movie Review“Wedding Palace” bills itself as the first Asian-American romantic comedy, but it’s chock full of all the same cliches and conventions you’d see in any film of the genre. My review.

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  1.  by  JozieLee

    I’ve been looking for this movie since you posted.

    Gotta’ say it was worth the wait. I laughed, loved, cared about Jason and Na Young. Fuuuuunnnny! And I send abundant kudos to the director for making this screwball comedy. It reminded me of family, caring, sharing and brought out the Asian in me.

    Palace reminded me of Baz Lurhmann’s Strictly Ballroom (a movie I revisit at least once a year) where every stereotypical character is played way over the top for laughs.

    The cartoon added to the laughs. Margaret Cho and Bobby Lee probably gave of their time and celebrity to bring in audiences since all the other actors were unfamiliar to most of us in the US.

    Favorite moments:

    1. Jason/Na Young’s first encounter – reviewing a feminine hygiene commercial. Hahaha.

    2. Meeting the relatives. Silence when Na Young walked out of the room.

    3. Both scenes at the altar.

    4. The cartoon. Hilarious

    5. Jinnie cracked me up with her selfishness and greed.

    6. The grandmother hitching a ride from the hospital to stop the wedding. Hahaha

    7. Outakes as the credits rolled.

    At it’s core the parents, grandparents, friends all cared about Jason and they were willing to do whatever was necessary to get him to the altar and salvation. LOL.

    So glad to see new cultures adding their experiences to the silver screen. Looking forward to more Asian American contributions.

    •  by  JozieLee

      Hey Christy:

      After seeing the movie I reread your review and was surprised that I enjoyed all the things you didn’t like about this film. But that’s the movies . . . why people keep making them and why we keep watching.

      On Facebook the director Christine Yoon is heavily promoting her film now that it’s more accessible to larger audiences. Hope more people find it and leads her to making another film.

      Must admit I watched again before my 24-hr rental expired, and laughed all over again. Like Strictly Ballroom, this is one I’ll buy for my personal collection. I’m interested to see how Yoon’s work will mature like Baz Luhrmann’s has.

      Anyway, I see a lot of great movies because of your suggestions, so thank you, Christy.