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Some Velvet Morning Movie ReviewStanley Tucci and Alice Eve tear each other apart in spectacularly verbal fashion in “Some Velvet Morning,” writer-director Neil LaBute’s return to the kind of blackheartedness with which he made his name. My review.

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  1.  by  Ted Anthony

    Great review. Probing in a way that few are these days.

  2.  by  JozieLee


    Your review piqued my interest. Now that I’ve seen the movie I’m in awe at your restraint – never giving anything away while getting us ready for a “bumpy night” ahead.

    Stanley Tucci. He’s always surprising. Love watching him chameleon into new skin. Alice Eve. I remember her face from Star Trek. Had you not mentioned both films I’d not have made the connection. In this role, she’s truly unforgettable.

    Normally, at the movies, I’m looking for a good time. This was not a good time. It’s more like watching a train wreck, I could not look away. Nor did I want to.

    Once he came into the house I wonderied why he’d suddenly left his wife. Lost a job? Illness? Had his wife thrown him out?

    Then I wondered why she didn’t walk out until he threatened to burn the place down.

    Nothing, nothing prepared me for the ending.

    WOW . . .