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Unexpected Movie ReviewThe premise may sound like something you’d see on the Lifetime channel: An inner-city high school teacher finds out she’s pregnant at the same time as her star student. But director and co-writer Kris Swanberg’s execution is warm, funny and understated. And the two lead actresses — Cobie Smulders and Gail Bean — are great together. My review.

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  1.  by  jozielee

    You’re right – the conflict between Samantha and Jasmine seemed contrived and hard to believe. Their friendship seemed stronger, able to survive Jasmine’s disappointment. True, when pregnant emotions are heightened, but these two women had grown so close over the months of shared experiences I felt, in real life, the riff might have more quickly healed.

    Overall, this film promoted a pro-life message.

    Samantha’s “problems” resolved too easily. Even though she wasn’t sure if she was ready for motherhood. She had support – mom & her boyfriend – an education, work history, personal connection. Her problems were emotional.

    Jasmine’s life was 180degrees opposite Samantha’s. Her problems are concrete. Yet Jasmine never considered an alternative to teen pregnancy, which surprised me, especially with her family history. We hope she’ll succeed, but with so many obstacles, her chances are slim.

    Good movie.