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Suicide Squad Movie ReviewThe summer of disappointing blockbusters continues unabated with the slog that is “Suicide Squad.” Even Will Smith and Margot Robbie — two of the most charismatic people on the planet — can’t make this thing fun. My 1 1/2-star review.

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  1.  by  Mitch

    Your stupid with your ratings not everyone wants to see a teeny bopper movie such as the avengers and you should really listen to the fan base because according to them you don’t know what the f*** you are talking about.

    •  by  Tyler Daniels

      As a fan of DC characters, I can say this movie is absolute garbage and I was really looking forward to this. Just because you’re a fan and you like the characters doesn’t mean a movie is well made. I really liked the squad themselves but I found myself wishing they were in another movie. This is a complete mess. The story is all over the place, half the time it doesn’t make any sense, it has a completely wasted villian and the first 20 minutes are like a bad MTV music video. Definitely one of the worst movies of the year.

  2.  by  jozielee

    First off I gotta’ say I liked this film. It’s pop summer faire. Didn’t expect much, even with all the hyped commercials selling this film. But surprisingly, it exceeded my expectations. How? Why? Two words . . . Adam Beach.

    I had no idea Beach was in this film. And when his gorgeous person unfolded from that car my heart skipped a beat. WHAT? Adam Beach. I think I’ve seen just about every film and TV series he’s been in (Thank you, Netflix). I love the ethnic info he’s brought to film about American Indian culture and loved seeing him represent in the Comic World. I mean, this is America. Then . . . dash. But this is fantasy. If the Joker can come back time and time again, so should Sligshot. Come on, Suicide Squad, BRING BACK SLINGSHOT!

    You point out a lot of what’s right and wrong in this film. I mostly concur. But for me, it’s just the intro to this world. Ben Mankiewicz (What The Flick?) said it best in your group review . . . the written bullet points describing each character runs too fast for the average reader. We don’t have a “pause button” in the theater. If you really want to properly introduce these characters so the audience goes to future movies we need to have time to digest the information. Not everyone in the audience is a comic fan. I’m not. All these people are new to me.

    What you said about the Witch not having enough cool effects is so true. You’d think with her increasing power she could have wiped them out in one second. But then she wanted them to join her, become part of her army, so I guess she had to keep them intact, for a while anyway.

    The scene between the father and daughter, where he’s teaching her geometry, got ambiguous and muddy. This could have been a cool, real moment between them for other kids. Sometimes movies can really teach us something. Keep it real. Don’t always go for the joke.

    The music. Hahaha. I see maybe 1/100 of the movies you see per year. So the music doesn’t feel over-exposed to me. I kind of like movies that play music I’ve grown up hearing. The only songs I’m sick of hearing in movies and commercials are . . . Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong, Somewhere Over the Rainbow by IZ, and Unforgettable by Nat King Cole/Natalie Cole. Sia did a nice job in Finding Dory, but my aged ears would have preferred Sara Vaughn. Great artists, master works, but come on. Luckily none of these songs appeared in this film.

    Thanks for the thought-provoking review.