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Storks Movie Review“Storks” is shockingly good — way better than it looks. It’s got a zippy, zany streak filled with absurdist asides reminiscent of “Looney Tunes” cartoons. But it also sneaks up on you with genuine emotion by the end. Just don’t look for real-world logic here — and enjoy those awkward conversations with your kids about where babies come from during the car ride home. My review.

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  1.  by  jozielee

    Hit up an afternoon matinee. Small crowd. Few kindergarteners with their moms, teens probably skipping school, and a few grandparents like us.

    Cute movie. Everyone’s gonna love Toady . . . he’s hilarious, “bruh.” Especially when he realizes there’s mystery afoot. Is it my imagination or was Toady subtitled? Hahaha.

    Two things stood out to me: Tulip’s Uggs. Totally adorable. And I liked that she was a lead character, not a damsel in distress. Good for girls to realize they can invent, direct action and lead the crowd.

    The transformative wolf pack. Hahahaha. Great gag.
    However, the alpha/beta debate reminded me too much of the movie Up. (Rip off.)

    And I loved Nate’s story. How he manipulated his parents to spend time with him. Cute. Hahaha.

    Interesting that all the babies looked alike except for hairdo and skin color. Reminder that we’re all basically the same under the skin.

    Thanks for your review. I was going to pass on this movie until I’d read your piece.

    Ironically, we’re expecting a new baby in October. She’s a girl, who decided to be born this morning instead of waiting ’til mid-October. So we’re headed to the hospital in an hour to welcome our bundle of joy into the world. The first girl of this generation . . . she’ll be joining 6 older male cousins. Exciting times. Will watch out for low flying Storks.