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Nebraska Movie ReviewAlexander Payne rips the lid off the Midwestern mythology with his latest film, “Nebraska.” Bruce Dern gives the performance of his prolific career as a cantankerous drunk who believes he’s won a million dollars and insists on making the 900-mile trek to pick up the prize money personally. This is a movie that stuck with me and moved me the more I thought about it. My review.

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  1.  by  jrsamu

    Thought the film was well worth seeing. Maybe it is because many of the other characters (including non-actors) were so good that I really thought June Squibb and/or the writing for her character was the wrong person for that role.

    Bruce Dern was good in the role, Will Forte and Stacy Keach were great, IMO.

    Some of the scenes of people interacting with each other in a “Midwestern way” were scary good.

    Sort of feel the same with this one as Sideways and Descendants: a great film is in there, but it didn’t rise to the surface.

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