— Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children Movie ReviewIt’s essentially “Groundhog Day” meets “X-Men.” But really, Tim Burton’s latest fantasy adventure is much more complicated than that, with a dense mythology and overly explanatory dialogue that may leave you wondering what you’d just seen. The costumes are gorgeous, though. My review.

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  1.  by  A Friend of Harry Lime

    Like Suicide Squad, Miss Peregrine is an interesting mess of a film. I liked the hybrid of Enid Blyton and Guillermo Del Torro and that the film goes to some genuinely goes to some dark places. I bet if you read Jane Goldman’s screenplay you’ll find a far more tight and concise story but unlike Suicide Squad the studio can’t be blamed for wrecking it. I suspect that Tim Burton is a compulsive tinkerer who insisted on making his own changes, to the detriment of the story. Just look at Alice Through the Looking Glass on which Burton was a producer, it’s so overstuffed with plot that it suffocates under it’s own weight. Although unlike ‘Alice’ Miss Peregrine has more interesting ideas and pleasures to be found.