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Maggie's Plan Movie ReviewEchoes of Woody Allen and Noah Baumbach are unmistakable in Rebecca Miller’s romantic comedy about narcissistic, intellectual New York academics falling in and out of love with each other. Writer-director Rebecca Miller’s comic dialogue sparkles, but the dramatic underpinnings don’t work quite as well. My mixed review.

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  1.  by  mike greene

    Dear Ms. Lemire, at the risk of upsetting some of your readers I have a question that has nothing to do with the movie Maggie’s Plan, but I thought, what the hell. I know what an avid fan you are of music. What are your thoughts on the two recent music videos released by Radiohead. One directed by PT Anderson and the other I’m not sure. In a time when music videos aren’t looked upon as importantly as they once were, these two, in my humble opinion, are two of the best that I’ve seen in a long time. What is your opinion?
    Thanks for your reviews,
    Mike G.