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The Humbling Movie ReviewAl Pacino dials it down and does some of his best work in a long time as a veteran actor struggling to regain his former glory. If that premise sounds a lot like “Birdman,” well, yes — that is an unfortunate coincidence. But Pacino’s performance is the strongest element in Barry Levinson’s frustratingly inconsistent film. My mixed review.

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  1.  by  JozieLee

    When the film begins – Pacino putting on his makeup – I was reminded of a portrait of Micheal Corleon when he dawns the mantle of Godfather. Our first glimpse of this wonderful actor.

    The long takes with glass and spotlights got boring after a while. I’m glad they dropped using the technique.

    You’re right, Pacino dials back. He plays the part so well I had trouble discerning between reality and his delusions. Was the doctor real? Why didn’t he visit or send another doctor to check on Simon in person?

    Pegeen’s confusion about her identity confused her and me. Was she real or another of his delusions? Which scenes were real? That was never clear to me until the sperm clinic. I like Greta Gerwig, but as you said she was up against a formidable Pacino.

    The housewife, parents, housekeeper, boyfriend . . . interwoven comedy . . . while the rest was so tragic like the showdown between Mom and Simon.

    Great supporting cast. Charles Grodin. Didn’t recognize him. Knew the voice. Couldn’t place the face. Mandy Patinkin. Where? Pacino so mesmerized I didn’t have eyes for anyone but him.

    Haven’t seen Birdman so I don’t know the differences/sameness between these movies. I certainly enjoyed this one, especially the perfect, memorable ending.

    Thanks for your review so I’d know The Humbling was on the horizon.