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The DUFF Movie ReviewMae Whitman dazzles as the title character — which stands for Designated Ugly Fat Friend — a brilliant and quick-witted high school senior who takes that derogatory label and makes it her own. This breezy comedy is Whitman’s “Easy A”: the movie that will make the longtime supporting actress a star. At

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  1.  by  JozieLee

    Very sweet movie with all the characters and circumstances we’ve come to expect from a really good high school themed film. The addition of social media and its memes catapults this genre to current day. Charming. Witty. Funny.

    Mae Whitman is the all-American teenager – shy, chipper, adorable. Hope she doesn’t get stuck in romcoms. Just started watching Parenthood, remember her from Independence Day & Hope Floats. She’s got depth.

    Robbie Amell’s bode rocks. He’s easy on the eyes. Chemistry between these two was believable. Looking forward to see what he tackles next. Hoping he’s got more talent smouldering behind that million-dollar smile.

    Finished the book before I saw the movie. Kody Keplinger did a nice job on the book. I quite liked it, especially her version of Wesley Rush. Good for her for letting go and allowing the many changes the screenwriters made to tighten her story while bringing her vision to the silver screen.

    Keep writing, Kody, I’m a grandma and even I fell in love with Wesley.