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My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 Movie ReviewIt may sound impossible, but there is indeed another entire big, fat, Greek wedding. And it’s even bigger, fatter and Greeker than the first. Please enjoy my one-star review.

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  1.  by  jozielee

    Seventy-five percent of this movie was funny, warm, witty and nostalgic like the original My Big Fat Greek Wedding (MBFGW), which I adore and watch every time it’s on TV. Nia Vardalos writes charm and romance as good as any rom-com screenwriter, and there seems to be very few good ones these days. I’d love to see more of her work with new storylines and characters. Her obsession with this Greek family has run its course unless she brings a completely new angle to their story.


    1. I love her family. Every one of them. While we got little glimpses of change in their lives, I’d like to know them better. The opening scene of Papu picking up members of his family – golden.
    2. Toula and Ian losing their romance. Fantastic. Realistic. Blended well with the parent’s dilemma. Loved the double wedding scene. Beautifully shot.
    3. I liked the explanation about how the economy affected their lives, yet never dampened their spirit.
    4. The ever-widening net of “family.”



    Unless she was trying to employ every Greek person in show business, she could easily have cut 25% of her script.

    1. Gus’ brother. What was his purpose? I thought he’d add information about their ancestry, but no. In fact, the entire ancestry line was a waste of time.
    2. Paris. Either she was going away to college or finding a boyfriend. Her storyline confuses the entire plot and makes the movie too long. In fact, lose the whole boyfriend angle – why bother to introduce him if she’s going away to college. And that final college scene made me cringe.
    3. The 10-yr-old suitor and his parents. Preposterous. Have some respect for the audience.
    4. If you’re going to reprise the Windex joke, give it guts. Don’t just make it product placement. Give it a job.

    I know my opinion doesn’t amount to a hill of beans, but I enjoy her work. Looking forward to her next project.