Post Date Nov 7

Wine the Flick?! — A Bad Moms Christmas

We’ve barely gotten through Halloween — I know I’m still picking through my kid’s candy stash — and it’s already time to start to talking about Christmas movies. Specifically, the sequel “A Bad Moms Christmas,” which I had the pleasure of seeing and discussing with my old friend, longtime NPR anchor Alex Cohen.¬†Alex and I have known each other since we were 5 years old. Now, we’re moms ourselves, and she’s pregnant with her second child — hence, her choice of water during the latest episode of Wine the Flick?! — but we still managed to have a good time. Hope you do, too.

Post Date Nov 1 — A Bad Moms Christmas

“A Bad Moms Christmas” arrives in theaters just 15 months after last summer’s surprise-hit comedy “Bad Moms,” and it’s as shoddy and slapped-together as it sounds. And I really liked the original, too. But this feels like a waste of some great, veteran talent, including Susan Sarandon and Christine Baranski. Bah humbug, indeed. My review.

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Post Date Oct 27 — Novitiate

Novitiate Movie Review“Novitiate” marks the ambitious, assured feature filmmaking debut of Margaret Betts, who takes on a topic that may sound dull — nuns in flux during the ideological shift of the Catholic Church’s Vatican II — and makes it quietly riveting. Betts explores the mystery and ecstasy of faith with zero judgment. And Melissa Leo is awesomely over the top as the convent’s old-school Reverend Mother. My review.

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Post Date Oct 20 — Wonderstruck

Wonderstruck Movie ReviewDespite its visual delights — the gorgeous cinematography, the rich costumes, the vivid sense of place — “Wonderstruck” is a rare disappointment from Todd Haynes. He bounces back in forth in time in telling the story of two young people who run away to New York City 50 years apart, but their eventual connection lacks the emotional punch he intended. My mixed review, at

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Post Date Oct 13 — Professor Marston and the Wonder Women

“Professor Marston and the Wonder Women” only looks like a tasteful and refined period drama. It’s actually sexy as hell, tackling some daring themes and aiming to shake you up. And its stars — Luke Evans, Rebecca Hall and Bella Heathcote — have crazy chemistry with each other. Please enjoy my review.

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