Movies With Friends — Planes: Fire & Rescue

It’s been a few months since I’ve done one of these Movies With Friends things so I thought it was time, and I thought I’d try it again with Nicolas. About a year ago, I took him to see “Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2” and we talked about it afterward, with varying degrees of success. Now, he’s almost 5, so I wanted to give the whole process another shot with “Planes: Fire & Rescue.”

The original “Planes” from last year, in which Dane Cook provides the voice of a cropduster who dreams of being a racer, was not Nic’s favorite, as he would say. Toward the end, he crawled into Chris’ lap and fell asleep during the screening, he was so bored. Still, he’d see ads for the sequel around town and he seemed vaguely curious about it. Nic and I went to a press screening last night at the ArcLight Hollywood, then stopped by Yogurtland on the way home. (Strawberry with strawberries and sour gummy worms for him, cookies and cream with cookie dough and Oreo pieces for me. We’re not exactly on the same page dessert-wise.) Here’s our chat, between bites.

Nic: That’s an awesome phone.

Me: It’s not a phone, it’s a recorder. OK so: What movie did we just go see?

Nic: “Planes: Fire & Rescue.”

Me: Careful of your yogurt, it’s gonna spill. And what did you think of it?

Nic: I liked when there was fire.

Me: You liked when there was fire?

Nic: Mm-hmm (chewing).

Me: It wasn’t scary?

Nic: Uh-uh.

Me: Because I recall you going into this thinking it might be scary.

Nic: Well, it wasn’t.

Me: And what did you like about it?

Nic: I just liked the fire!

Me: And what about it did you like?

Nic: I don’t know.

Me: Are you going to be a budding pyro like your father was when he was young? Are you going to set things on fire just to make me nervous?

Nic: Yeah.

Me: So what was better about this one? You notoriously fell asleep in the first “Planes.” What held your interest this time?

Nic: I liked when there was fire!

Me: Did you like when the planes were putting out the fire? Ooh, careful careful! (Nic drops his yogurt cup, spills strawberries and sour gummy worms on the sidewalk and his shoes.) Shoot. Darn it. All right.

Nic: Oh …

Me: It’s OK, we’ll just pick it up.

Nic: (Starts to fake cry.)

Me: That’s why we gotta pay attention, dude. All right, so. Continue. They’re putting out the fire. What about that did you like? Was it exciting?

Nic: Now I’ve got yogurt all over my shoes.

Me: Well, that’s ’cause you spilled it, but the world keeps turning. I’m trying to keep you on track here, baby. So what about the fire did you like?

Nic: I liked when they put out the fire.

Me: What did you think about Dusty Crophopper?

Nic: (Shrugs and smirks.)

Me: (Laughing.) You had no thoughts on Dusty Crophopper?

Nic: No.

Me: He’s, like, the main guy. Did you enjoy his journey?

Nic: Yeah …

Me: Did you enjoy how he reinvented himself as a firefighting plane?

Nic: Yeah …

Me: Is this the best movie I’ve taken you to see? What’s the best movie I’ve taken you to see?

Nic: Lego.

Me: “The Lego Movie”?

Nic: Mm-hmm (chewing).

Me: Why is that one better? I mean, I agree, but why?

Nic: Because Emmet watches “Where Are My Pants?”

Me: Because you like “Where Are My Pants?”

Nic: Mm-hmm (chewing).

Me: (Laughing.)  That’s the most important thing you got out of “The Lego Movie” — “Where Are My Pants?” All right, so. In conclusion, any other thoughts on “Planes: Fire & Rescue”? Was it pretty, was it colorful, was it scary, was it thrilling?

Nic: (Chewing.) It was colorful.

Me: It was colorful? That’s it?

Nic: Aaah!

Me: What? Stop spilling on yourself. All right. Anything else you want to add?

Nic: I don’t want that. I don’t want you to use that anymore.

Me: You don’t want me to use this anymore? How come? You’re not enjoying being interviewed by me?

Nic: (Chewing.)

Me: I ask the tough questions. Is this fun?

Nic: No!

Me: All right, we’re done.

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