What the Flick?! — Space Station 76

This may look like a wacky spoof of 1970s sci-fi — something along the lines of “Airplane!” or “Spaceballs” — but¬†Jack Plotnick’s beautifully designed comedy-drama actually has a lot more on its mind. It’s “The Ice Storm,” in space. We all really liked it.

One Comment on “What the Flick?! — Space Station 76

  1.  by  Richard Balzack

    Great movie, oozes subtle charm and satire lf stanley kubrick made a second scifi film this would be it. It helps alot if you lived thru the 60’s and 70’s when this dream of the future was ubiquitous. The sum of the whole is much greater than its very juicy parts. it is indeed about the disappointment of the failure of a utopian future to ignite. Perhaps most don’t realize it but its supposed to contrast that dream to our reality, what the future really was, our current reality.

    It captures that dream future beautifully while telling it within the idiom of the 1970’s the only thing missing was a chia pet and macrame.
    Liv tyler was great as was all the cast. without the context of a life lived in the 1970’s I can understand how this would seem to be a flat empty experience bereft of dramatic arc, but if you understand the contrast between the dream and the reality – then the metaphor of the placid asteroids locked in orbit and then not, is a perfect metaphor that describes the shattered state of our current state of affairs. a world in chaos slowly tumbling out of orbit . with laughs, and great music. whats not to like?