What the Flick?! — Maleficent

The evil fairy who cursed Aurora in “Sleeping Beauty” gets an origin story, as so many iconic characters have in recent years. It’s a role that would seem to be tailor-made for the formidable talents of Angelina Jolie, and while she does look striking, she seems strangely hemmed in. I actually would have enjoyed seeing her camp it up some more and revel in the character’s wickedness. Robert Abele joins me and Ben for a What the Flick?! review.

One Comment on “What the Flick?! — Maleficent

  1.  by  Matt

    I can’t remember the last time a movie was cast so perfectly for a lead role. I’m indifferent on Jolie as an actress – though she has been great [SEE A MIGHTY HEART PEOPLE] – but she was great here.

    The movie was a mixed bag for me. My review cited it as rhythmically off; there were moments of great dark energy then it would plod along. I was looking forward to this one but it was a let down.