What the Flick?! — Inherent Vice

We are all fans of Paul Thomas Anderson around here, but none of us really dug his hazy, druggy, comic noir. Maybe it requires another viewing to appreciate it fully, but I just can’t bring myself to endure this slog once more.

2 Comments on “What the Flick?! — Inherent Vice

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  2.  by  Shaun

    You are absolutely right about Inherent Vice! I recently saw it on a TV movie channel after having first seen it on the big screen, but it didn’t make a difference. I too love and respect Paul Thomas Anderson’s work but it seems that he was trying to make some sort of “stoner noir film” here, but maybe he was inhaling too much wacky tobaccy himself while making it! Although I tried hard, I just did not connect with the main character (played by Phoenix) on any human level. I believe it was based on a best selling book. Some books should’t be made into movies. I would give this a 5 out of 10, which includes a couple of bonus points because PTA made it.