What the Flick?! — Endless Love

The remake of the ’80s forbidden teen romance “Endless Love” creates the sensation of watching two toned, tanned Abercrombie & Fitch models fall in love. Alex Pettyfer and Gabriella Wilde have real chemistry during the flirtatious, falling-in-love stage, but director and co-writer Shane Feste unfortunately took out all the crazy when she adapted this story.

One Comment on “What the Flick?! — Endless Love

  1.  by  pierre

    I read your dismaying movie review of a few films… do you really believe that telling the story you saw with a few bar quality comments makes you a cinema critic ? I am amazed you have been making a living out of this for so many years. Wouldn t it be more interesting to tell about the meaning of the story, or the director’s choices rather then the look of the main actors? Perhaps your audience would fall asleep after two lines…
    Your take on “Adore” is so conventional and politically correct that I thought I was hearing a chitchat while waiting in the line at Target.