What the Flick?! — Don Jon

It’s gym-tan-laundry all day, baby, as we review Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s directing debut “Don Jon.”

2 Comments on “What the Flick?! — Don Jon

  1.  by  JozieLee

    What a fun movie.

    The first meeting – zoom to JGL, then zoom to Scarlette Johanson. Wow. Two beautiful, sexy people in the prime of their lives. Someday they’ll be so grateful for those shots, e.g., Bacall and Bogart in TO HAVE AND HAVE NOT.

    The slo-mos for their first date. We see her walking down the street toward him – young, free, curious, fully aware of her sexual power; and his face watching her approach . . . so lovely.

    By contrast, I wish JGL would have softened the close-ups on Tony Danza and Julianne Moore. Not to make them look younger but to pay homage to them.

    Then there’s the porn. LOL LOL. My husband and I had a giggle fest over those scenes, especially the soft porn TV commercials. Funny stuff.

    The church, espeically confession – LOL

    I fully expected to love this film, and I did; however, there were holes: he never watched the film Esther gave him, what happened to the broken window, why didn’t he take Angela’s advice, would an older woman take his dismissive rude behaviour – is anyone really that lonely. But those are minor complaints in contrast to the sheer fun I found in this movie.

    •  by  JozieLee

      My husband wanted me to add how much he enjoyed the music, especially the orchestration used during slo-mos. We stayed through the credits because of the final guitar interlude. Really nice.