Post Date May 1

What the Flick?! — Locke

Tom Hardy drives a car along a London motorway for an hour and a half, and it’s gripping. Alonso, Ben and I all went a little nuts for this brilliantly executed, low-budget drama.

Post Date Apr 24

What the Flick?! — The Other Woman

Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann have some solid chemistry with each other in this comedy about scorned women seeking revenge. But then Kate Upton shows up, and the whole endeavor turns irretrievably slapsticky.

Post Date Apr 24

What the Flick?! — Brick Mansions

Paul Walker’s final completed film is an enjoyably trashy, English-language remake of the French action thriller “District B13.” It’s not a great movie but it’s a solid showcase for what Walker did best.

Post Date Apr 17

What the Flick?! — Transcendence

Johnny Depp takes over the Internet — which sounds like a frightening prospect, but it’s actually quite silly.

Post Date Apr 17

What the Flick?! — Bears

“Bears”! It’s about … bears. They’re cute and cuddly until they get hungry and angry. Matt, Alonso and I packed a pic-a-nic basket to discuss the latest Disneynature documentary.

Post Date Apr 10

What the Flick?! — Draft Day

Alonso, Matt and I were all shocked at how good “Draft Day” is. Great cast, it moves well and it provides a window into an important element of sports we don’t ordinarily get to see.

Post Date Apr 10

What the Flick?! — Rio 2

“Rio 2” comes to life during its colorful, lively musical numbers. But then they end, and you realize there isn’t much to the story — despite the many competing subplots. Matt and I aren’t exactly packing our bags and heading down there.

Post Date Apr 3

What the Flick?! — Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Yes, it’s a blockbuster about a comic book character. But “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” manages to be subversive as well as explosive, with strong performances from a great cast.

Post Date Apr 3

What the Flick?! — Under the Skin

I love this movie so much, even though I’m not entirely certain what it’s about. Jonathan Glazer has crafted a stylish and strange sci-fi horror movie with a mesmerizing performance from Scarlett Johansson. If you’re up for a challenge, this is definitely worth seeking out.

Post Date Apr 3

What the Flick?! — Nymphomaniac: Volume II

It’s never as good as the first time. Alonso and I review the second half of Lars von Trier’s four-hour “Nymphomaniac,” which is far more dark and grim and judgmental than “Volume I.” The cynical, misanthropic von Trier is back.