Avengers: Age of Ultron

Avengers: Age of Ultron Movie ReviewWalt Disney Pictures
Rated PG-13 for intense sequences of sci-fi action, violence and destruction, and for some suggestive comments.
Running time: 141 minutes.
Two stars out of four.

Much of what made Joss Whedon’s original “Avengers” such a joy in 2012 was his ability to juggle and make it look effortless. As writer and director, he combined spectacular set pieces and small, clever moments deftly, and found a way to give every member of his large, star-studded cast an opportunity to shine. It was a summer blockbuster with a sly sense of humor — the most dazzling high-wire act — and one that would be tough to top.

Whedon follows up that smash hit with the latest installment in the behemoth Marvel Cinematic Universe, “Avengers: Age of Ultron,” and this time, the effort is obvious. There is simply too much going on here — too many characters, too many foes, too many subplots, too many twists. More does not necessarily equal better; here, more is just … meh.

It’s often hard to figure out what’s going on and even harder to care, but whatever is happening, it’s brought to you by Audi (when it’s not brought to you by Gillette or Beats by Dre). Here and there, Whedon — the groundbreaking, genre-blending creator of the TV series “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “Firefly” — sneaks in glimmers of the snap and wit which have made him a major cultural force. Iron Man makes an aside about Eugene O’Neill, for example, which I’m guessing the vast majority of the giddy international audience won’t get.

When “Avengers: Age of Ultron” takes a moment to catch its breath and allow the talented ensemble of actors to bounce off each other with self-aware smarts and charm, it’s thoroughly winning. There’s a party scene at Tony Stark’s glassy lair in the sky which is just a complete blast to watch. Dressed in their civvies, the Avengers drink and joke with their friends and bust each others’ chops. An amusing bit involving Thor’s hammer has an amazing payoff later on in the film. It’s enough to make you wish the entire movie could be like this: Imagine the Avengers, sitting around bantering rather than blasting bad guys. Whedon did a stripped-down, modern-day version of “Much Ado About Nothing” in his backyard, so why not?

But alas, bad guys come. And there are so many of them.

We’re dropped in at the top in the midst of a massive siege on a fortress in some made-up Eastern European country. The camerawork is smooth and the stunts are tricky and the action is punishing, but it’s all so big and glossy — and so obviously computer-generated — that it establishes an emotional disconnect from the very beginning. Yes, the characters originated in comic books, but this just looks cartoonish.

Having saved the planet from the smarmy, preening Loki and his army of aliens, the Avengers must assemble once again to stop an accidental enemy: an artificial intelligence that Tony Stark/Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) himself designed. His name is Ultron, and he’s voiced with bemused menace by James Spader. (In an intriguing switch of their relationship in “Less Than Zero,” Downey is the one in control and Spader is the one causing damage.) The introduction of A.I. and its benefits causes an ethical divide among the Avengers: Captain America (Chris Evans), Hulk (Mark Ruffalo), Thor (Chris Hemsworth), Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) and Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner). Various supporting players from previous Marvel movies also show up briefly, including Cobie Smulders, Samuel L. Jackson, Stellan Skarsgard, Hayley Atwell and Idris Elba.

But wait, there’s more! Besides the threat of Ultron, the Avengers also must manage a pair of genetically enhanced twins who have a score to settle with Tony Stark: the speedy Quicksilver (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) and the psychic Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen). With the exception of a couple of pivotal moments, they weren’t terribly necessary for the plot. They’re also doing terrible Eastern European accents that suggest they’d rather be hunting moose and squirrel. Ultron also uses a super-strong metal — the same kind that comprises Captain America’s shield — to form a army of mini-Ultrons, so that’s a problem, too.

It all feels frenzied and breathless, but Whedon’s attempts at jamming in humanity end up seeming half-baked in contrast. Hawkeye gets an actual back story (as well as one great speech he delivers to Scarlet Witch in a reminder of the subtle strength of Renner’s acting abilities) but it’s more of an idyllic idea than a real life. Also hard to accept is the will-they-or-won’t-they romance that forms between Hulk and Black Widow. Even with accomplished actors like Ruffalo and Johansson — both of whom are capable of great power and great sensitivity — this new-found relationship comes out of nowhere and makes no sense.

If the high-tech issues “Age of Ultron” tackles interest you, though, there is a movie out there about the merits and threats of artificial intelligence which features tremendous performances and sharp writing and vivid special effects but about one one-hundredth of the cast: It’s called Ex Machina. It’s one of the year’s best, and a shining example of how less truly can be more.

67 Comments on “Avengers: Age of Ultron

  1.  by  Christian Shepherd

    I saw what you did there… (Bullwinkle reference!) Love it.

    •  by  js

      This was a thoroughly underwhelming film. My expectations were that it would entertain. I think that’s fair to expect. I would be happy with ”Thor” level of entertainment. Not asking too much. It didn’t come close. On several occasions I found myself being jarred out of my suspension of disbelief so abruptly I let out audible ”ugh”s. There were moments where my mind began to wander, wondering if Whedon wrote certain scenes with the trailer in mind because they made no sense in the context of the film (Thor- just about every scene he was in). The Avengers was not a perfect movie but I didn’t expect it to be. It was, however, extremely fun to watch. Age of Ultron made me feel angry with myself for ever getting enthused about its release.

      •  by  Tashtego

        You’ve summed up my feelings on the film exactly.

  2.  by  Chase

    I say “meh” too. You hit the nail… I’m suremany will be outraged at this, but the truth does that.

    •  by  lol

      The truth of your subjective view? Why would someone be so out of touch with reality like yourself to believe people consider your own subjective opinion of the movie as universal truth?

      Many would be outraged, not at your opinion, but the truth that do not understand subjective =/= objective .. and are wasting their oxygen.

  3.  by  Jon

    You suck this movie is amazing

    •  by  Shawn

      Yay! Agreed! I honestly don’t get all the hate. The film manages to give you everything you want in a smart clever way and there are literally no other villains than Ultron–the twins exists but are directionless until his arrival. I’m confused by those who are confused by this amazing flick.

  4.  by  dwayne strickland

    Sigh. You clearly missed the entire point of the movie. They had a lot to pack into the movie to further the larger scheme of things. It wasn’t like spiderman 3, where it was like let’s throw everything at them just because. This was intentional, it was needed to bring us into phase 3 and it was done beautifully. Everything had a purpose, nothing was superfluous. It was genious. The only flaw was it was obviously too intelligent for some *critics to follow. Everyone go see this movie. It’s awesome. Period.

    •  by  David

      Ha. Ha. “It was obviously too intelligent for some *critics to follow”. Ha. I can see you’re clearly a fan boy, but that line was just ridiculous. It wasn’t a matter of intelligence that created the film’s inability to be followed, it was the fact that it was overstuffed, poorly edited, and extremely rushed. Your entire argument that it’s brilliant because of all it’s setting up for phase 3 is entirely invalid. That in fact was its biggest problem; it worried so much about setting up future events that it was unable to make the events in the film worth caring about (or following for that matter). I’ve got a feeling even Joss would agree considering the displeasure he’s expressed working with Disney/Marvel on this one.

      •  by  CNA

        But the movie wasn’t hard to follow. I had no trouble. My wife who’s not into comic books had no trouble. If it was “too hard for you to follow,” well, that says more about you than about Whedon.

    •  by  xander

      Right back at you with that ‘sigh.’ If you thought that movie was awesome, you have limited taste.

      •  by  Steve Butabi

        Limited taste? It was a summer action blockbuster. RT has it at 75% from “critics” and 90% from fans. Looks like the majority consensus is that most of the world have liked it. Also, look at how much money it has already made. Something tells me you wear a fedora and probably have a neck beard…

        •  by  xander

          I love many superhero movies. Many. But not all. Apparently you judge things based solely on dollars earned and the masses that are apparently appeased. Are you not capable of thought that is independent from the masses? If “money making” is your only criteria, then Mayweather/Pacquiao was the best fight of all time and One Direction blows away some of the greatest rock bands in the world. Your arguments are foolish, coming from someone with a simplistic, ‘follower’ mentality. (“Oh, look! It made money! It’s AWESOME!”) Argue the MOVIE, not the box office. Do you know how many things of low quality make a ton of money? Apparently not! Are all ‘blockbusters’ good? That IS what you are arguing — and that is the opposite of intelligent. And I don’t have fedora. A neck beard, well, sometimes … so you got me there!

          •  by  Podcast on Infinite Earths

            Out of curiosity, what were your specific issues with the movie?

      •  by  lol

        Even better is this guy couldn’t explain his taste because someone else would just come along and crap on it.

        Another tool who thinks subjective opinions are universal.

    •  by  ccdev

      i tried to watch Avengers:AOU again to see what the fanboys saw that i did not. well, not only did the 2nd viewing confirm my original feelings (the movie was shit) but i noticed a “cowboy circling the wagons” theme, where the Avengers formed a circle to protect the drill-thingy or whatever the fuck it was. and the ultron bots were playing the role of the injuns LOL! and how stupid can Ultron get? even baron strucker knew to target the weakest first. in a circle, that would have been widow n hawkeye.

      that, and so many illogical stuff i dont wanna waste time talking about really stood out to relegate this movie to level of “disposable nice-looking junk” movie. and with the hawkeye-family emotional angle shtick, well, he just made Hawkeye, the fast living archer/assasin…. boring. If however, you’re a pimply-faced attention-deficit gadget-needy emo teen you’d probably go ‘It’s the BEST movie evah!’ or “Best marvel movie to date!” or “Absolutely gripping, the action was like …Woohhhh” due to the “CGI-orgy & Loud Sound” + light one-liners combo given to you courtesy of joss ‘overated’ whedon. and the pitiful attempts at humor got really tiring. I can tell you straight up that the old-gang of Donald Duck And Goofy & pluto was a lot funnier.

      But the worse was the action…nowhere did you feel like the major characters were in danger, nowhere. it was just all “sound and color – “pow, peww,peew, bish, thudd…,”. there is no weight to the fights, just some choreography and fancy editing. And the action was so often chaotic, inconsequential (like Cap took a couple of point blank shots from Ultron and was hardly fazed wtf) & so quickly cut u mostly couldn’t tell what was going on. it’s was like mixing different flakes of color and just shaking it around.

      Overall, this “marvel” movie made me feel like i was in a carnival, and that i overstayed and my brain ate way,way too much candy floss. MARVEL movies as it stands, is synonymous with lighthearted,colorful, ‘heavy’ fluff. a comic book fan deserves much more than this piece of fluff.

      •  by  xander

        You’re right. And I’m a fanboy, I guess. But this was a mess.

      •  by  lol

        You shouldn’t mouth breath so loudly, its rude.

    •  by  Brian

      Anyone notice when the thing with the red face was asked who he is he replied I am,( then paused ) I am. That’s basically what Jesus said. That is blasphemy .

      •  by  Phil

        Holy Moses–and I mean that literally. Not Jesus, pal. It is what Yahweh said to Moses. “I am who am.” Of course Ultron said that–he believed he was a god.


        But aside from that, the movie was a tragic waste of money. Joss needs to get out from Disney’s thumb and go somewhere, anywhere, to create. Buffy was a transcendent work, impossible to top, really; Dollhouse was terrific; Firefly was briefly amusing dreck; but compare this Avengers movie to Deadpool and Ant Man and you can see that Joss is either burned out, or completely under the corporate boot-heel.

        Just look at the bought-and-paid for reviews by the major media. Pants on fire….

  5.  by  Asif Quader

    I had really high expectations for this movie. Unfortunately felt that it was a let down compared to the first one. There were so many plots and subplots that at the end felt like a mess, where you didn’t care much about what was going on. In an attempt to squeeze too much information in 2.5 hours, the end product was not satisfying. The box office numbers also reflect the same issue.

  6.  by  jeff conn

    This movie was horrible,predictable and lame! i would never pay a ticket to watch garbage. i watched illegally online, as should be

    •  by  thomas

      This is because you are a girl who watches because of a boyfriend or work and are missing the whole point…

    •  by  ccdev

      thank the pirates. marvel = mcdonalds

    •  by  Chris


      What a lame comment with no examples to even back up your simpleton post in regards to it. You obviously don’t follow the movies and to top it off, you openly admit to watching it illegally.
      Look out everyone, we have a regular Einstein on our hands here…

    •  by  lol

      Oh wow, nobody has ever done that before, Columbus.

  7.  by  Firevine

    I’ve been a huge comic book fan for over 20 years now, Marvel in particular, and this is the first Marvel Studios movie that has left me feeling “meh” as well. I found the editing sloppy, and the character deaths superfluous. I shouldn’t be walking out of the theater wondering what on earth happened to a relatively minor, but very long standing and pretty cool Marvel villain. Cap 2 had a resolution for Batroc, but Avengers 2 had no such resolution for Klaw. Why did Hulk get dumbed down so much since the first movie? He exhibited a bit of control and had dialogue in the that one, here, he was more like the Hulk of the 60’s comics. Just a dumb brute.

    The party scene was fantastic, and definitely did what Marvel does best in making their characters personable and relatable.

    I’ve tried many a Joss Whedon vehicle over the years, but honestly, I think he’s awful, and that the first Avengers movie was a fluke.

    Now, with all that said, the utter worst part of the viewing at my local theater was the Batman vs. Superman trailer. That looks to be a real stinker.

    •  by  Steve Butabi

      I suggest you watch Firefly, Serenity and Cabin in the Woods if you think he is awful. If you have and still think that, then there is no helping you.

      •  by  ccdev

        cabin in the woods? LOL better go order your mcdonalds super size stuff.

        •  by  Steve Butabi

          Cause that makes a lot of sense.

  8.  by  Brent

    just goes to show you you can be a critic and have no taste get a different job as this one dose not suit you at all

    •  by  xander

      Brent, if you’re going to criticize the critic, learn to punctuate and spell. It can give more weight to your opinions and not make your views seem sophomoric. As it is, you’re wrong. She ‘hit it on the head’, as they say.

      •  by  Steve Butabi

        No, she was far off from “hitting it on the head.” I initially stopped readying at “It’s enough to make you wish the entire movie could be like this: Imagine the Avengers, sitting around bantering rather than blasting bad guys” because no one went to the theater to see an Avenger’s movie without action. Was it a nice part in the movie? Yes but if you were looking for something like that, then don’t go so see this movie. This movie was a great summer action movie that has been building up for years. Her review is absolute garbage and proves she has no idea what was going on because she probably hand’t seen the other great MCU movies.

        •  by  ccdev

          ohh, another butthurt fanboy.

          •  by  Steve Butabi

            How exactly am I “butthurt?” Her review clearly shows she has no idea what is going on in the MCU. I guess you could say I’m “butthurt” because this movie is a huge critical and financial success. MAN I DON’T WANT TO SEE ANOTHER SUMMER ACTION MARVEL MOVIE. NOOOOO!!!! Go troll somewhere else kid.

        •  by  xander

          If you stopped ‘READYING’ as you said, how do you know her review was garbage? And just because something has been building up for years, it doesn’t make it great. Star Wars one, two and three were building up for years, too. Hardly great. Calling the review absolute garbage is pretty funny, because I think you stopped reading it. And if you didn’t, you still missed the the OTHER words in the review, which were well thought out and obviously considered. There’s a reason she has her job and you have yours. Not that all critics are good, but she is, even when I disagree with her.

      •  by  lol

        White knight riding in on the holier than thou horse. Epic.

  9.  by  Andrew

    Thanks for an insightful review. I didn’t agree with all of it, but you did a better job than I ever could conveying why I felt ill at ease about a lot of it. (Action was so frantic it was difficult to make out what was going on, plot just didn’t make sense at times, too many villains meant the stakes were LOWER, and Hulk/Scarlet Witch romance was tiresome, clunky, clumsy and dragged down the story, in general.) But I liked exactly what you liked, too: Hawkeye’s interaction with Scarlet Witch was charming. More self-aware humor could have made this a real winner.

    •  by  Steve Butabi

      No wonder why it didn’t make sense to you (don’t know why people couldn’t keep up – wasn’t a confusing movie), you don’t even know who was who. Black Widow and Hulk, not Scarlet Witch.

  10.  by  brent

    what i meant to say was, Yes, this avengers 2 movie was stupid. why did they call it Age of Ultron, when he was causing havoc for only 2 days. haha this movie was rushed and sloppy and edited so badly. I fell asleep twice, then realized watching golf was way better than this crap

    •  by  Steve Butabi

      Because had he succeed and wiped out all the humans, it would have been the age of Ultron or robots/AI like Ultron is. Use your brain a little – the movie wasn’t confusing at all especially if you have seen the other MCU movies.

  11.  by  selwyn

    I think the flaw of Avengers: AOU is that it takes more than a single viewing to really enjoy the film. Like many viewers here, i came out of it feeling “meh”, at first. But then I watched it a second time (because I forgot that I had committed to watch it with a few other friends), and I came out thinking, whoa now i really enjoyed this movie! Watched it for a third time with my mum (she had no one to watch it with since my dad had work to do) and I realise how much of a genius Joss Whedon is. 2 hours and 20 minutes really was not enough time for a normal viewer’s brain to register all small nuances in this movie that actually made it an excellent one, far deeper than the first instalment of the Avengers.

    The second flaw of this movie is that it takes someone who is well-absorbed in the universe and has a smattering of knowledge of the comic book lore to truly enjoy the film for all it was worth. How did the Avengers get back together? watch Agents of Shield. What was the big deal about all those stones and that end credits scene? Watch the previous marvel movies. What in the world was the “Water of Sight” that Thor submerged himself in? Unclear, but it could be the Well of Wyrd. Why did Vision appear out of nowhere to save Scarlet Witch? Ultron’s subtle soft spot for Scarlet Witch probably transferred onto Vision, and we know what happens between the latter 2 in the comics.. And tons of other small details that makes it difficult to follow for the standalone movie viewer.

    I think Joss Whedon already did a magnificent job compressing all those plot points into 142 minutes, but I think the movie would have been a lot better fleshed-out if it were 3 and a half hours long (impossible for the sake of profit-maximisation, though it’d make a lot of sense if extra scenes were put in DVD/Blu-ray for an extended, complete version). As a first-time viewer, I would have given the movie a 6.5/10, but as a third-time viewer this movie goes onto my list of rare 9.5/10.

  12.  by  William

    Have you wondered why every comic book fan actually liked the movie, even though you did not? It is because in comics more than one plot and more than one character can be seen and read about. What you see as a bad thing because you do not have the capability to pay attention to more than a few characters, smarter people see as a great thing.

    •  by  drew

      Don’t be an asshole William.You don’t have to agree with the review but being a holier than thou fan boy doesn’t help your argument.

      •  by  lol

        Whaaaaaiiiiitttttee Kniiiigggggghhhttttt

  13.  by  Roger

    Good to know I’m not completely alone. I wasn’t impressed with the film either. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t good either mainly for most of the reasons that were stated here.

  14.  by  Lafe Purcell

    This movie hopes to highlight the fact humanity posed by sheer stupidity. Honestly, when I read where somebody above actually cited this movie as being “too intelligent” for some people, I immediately started looking for a cyanide capsule. That ANYONE could describe the movie as too intelligent for even a cage full of educationally challenged chimpanzees is frightening in it’s implications.

    I won’t pass on the merits or failings of this overstuffed action cartoon other than to say it entertained – barely. Other than that, I find myself grieving the fact that Ultron didn’t pull out a win.

  15.  by  ccdev

    This movie was cgi shat on to your faces. hope you ladies enjoyed it.

  16.  by  willie

    For those who’ve watched the movie, how does it compare to the original Avengers movie? Better, worse, about the same?

  17.  by  Doug

    I think you had your expectations set to high. No one can make another “Empire Strikes Back” in terms of a sequel. This movie was a setup movie to the big finish for Avengers 3 Pt1&2. I wasn’t expecting this movie to surpass the original. I came to this movie on wanting to see how they rally everyone together and the flaws they exhibit and work past them.Plus how they were going to work the ultron angle and vision. I could do without the romance angle in the movie but overall this movie is better then 2 Stars.

  18.  by  Burakiosaurus

    It was a fun action movie. Didn’t get some of the references as I don’t read the comics, but understood most of it. Lots of in jokes must of happened as the cinema was sniggering when I was just thinking ‘WTF’ ?
    I preferred the first movie but will gladly go and see the next instalment in the cinemas again

  19.  by  haarry

    You like a lot of the same movies I do so I look forward to reading your reviews. I can’t take characters with cheesy eurotrash accents seiously either, nobody talks like that not even real erotrash.

  20.  by  Roger

    I would prefer if professional writers did not use “meh”.

  21.  by  harry

    These Avenger movies are so dumb. The acting is weak the plots are stupid the CGI gets tedious after a while. Fans of these movies are a bunch of whiney babies whenever someone dares to give an unfavorable opinion of them, but that’s to be expected from adults who watch movies made for children.

    •  by  Miles

      I happen to be 56, and have seen more movies than you can even imagine ( theatre manager and video store owner since the 1970s). I could care less if you or the reviewer like it. I certainly will not insult you for having a different opinion or make a ridiculous broad generalization, that would be rather childish, wouldn’t it? You denigrate fan boys for doing something and then turn around and do the exact same thing. There’s a word of that.

  22.  by  Frank

    I think many people were expecting too much from this film. It’s a summer action flick about comic book characters. I’m just not sure what level of depth people really thought they were in for. LOL

    I didn’t find the plot to be confusing at all, but I did see many of the subplots as unnecessary, and a few were just counter productive to the overall story.

    As for the comedy…. a lot of that felt extremely cliche for me. Watching people playfully banter as they do superhuman things in supposedly dangerous situations is so overused, and it takes all the tension away from those situations. I did think the bit about Thor’s hammer was more fun than those other scenes.

    Also, the review stated: “Ultron also uses a super-strong metal — the same kind that comprises Captain America’s shield — to form a army of mini-Ultrons, so that’s a problem, too.”


    I’m pretty sure that’s incorrect. The metal is rare and wasn’t available in that quantity. He used the vibranium to construct a body for himself. But the body was used by Vision instead. He then used the remaining vibranium to build the machine which lifted the city. His army seemed to be constructed of more conventional materials.

    You may want to correct that Christy. 🙂

    But nice review!

  23.  by  Jonathan

    Christy, I kinda get where you are coming from, but this is a team movie. How can there be too many characters when there were really only 1 or two more than the first Avengers? Colson is gone, Fury, Selvig and Hill are relegated to glorified cameos, Loki is no where to be seen… you simply add one villain and two wildcards after taking those away and give Jarvis an upgrade, so I fail to see how that is too many characters. If this was a stand alone film, maybe. But it’s a team film, and I thought it was balanced really well.

  24.  by  eric hunter

    First off, you are beautiful Christy Lemire – keep up the good work. Always like reading your reviews as they are honest and well written. Liked your review, I thought the motorcycle jump with Captain America was so cartoonish along with most of the movie. The end was the same as the first smash a bunch of evil invading enemies. Nothing new to really expect. Some good scenes with the hulk. It’s funny how fans are so protective over a fictional movie, even Jeremy Renner said on Conan Show that he called Black Widow a slot for sleeping with many of the avengers in the comic books and fans were attacking him on his twitter, Jeremy said the movie is fictional. I do like Jeremy’s acting, especially in Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol hope he is in the new one coming out.

    •  by  lol

      Too cartoonish for a comic book movie.. People are so odd.

  25.  by  David

    First, I love Marvel characters and movies however I didn’t really enjoy this movie as I had high expectations. I loved the first Avengers movie. I grew up loving the Marvel characters and what they stood for. What I didn’t like about this movie as they introduced so many characters that we didn’t have time to understand or appreciate them or see them evolve (or learn). I knew a lot about these characters going in but probably not as much as Marvel comic reading experts. An example was Quicksilver. His life is dedicated to going after Stark although he expressed no anger when meeting Stark and changes sides very quickly. Even though he was a nice ally why did he feel compelled to save people all of the sudden? I found confusing is who is the real leader of the Avengers? Is it Stark or Cap’n? Most of the characters have egos and their own issues but who is holding them together? Who do they respect enough to listen to. At least we know where Cap’n stands because his character has been developed in other movies. But let his old school values be the glue that holds the team together. Let’s see Tony use his brilliance to figure out an impossible puzzle or outsmart Ultron. We all see their wonderful abilities but they need to fight villains with equal abilities and let their inside moral strength propel them to victory. The Iron Man and Hulk fight scene was wonderful and there were also cool things added like using Thor’s hammer and Cap’s shield as a kind of a vibration weapon. So yes there were some really nice effects and fight scenes. However, most of this movie was talking and didn’t have much substance. I did like seeing Vision in this movie knowing he would be an awesome ally. But he didn’t have much time to show his abilities and probably could have taken care of Ultron himself. Bruce Banner should also be evolving in this movie as well. Each movie we see him control the Hulk better but somehow devolved in this movie. I would have preferred to see more War Machine and/or Blank Panther. But again we have too many people packed in here already. I also agree with the review that the story line could have been streamlined and simplified. There was just too much going on that wasn’t necessary. Essentially, I feel we have some amazing characters that I really want to see why and how the grow to respect each other and work as a team. Also, I would like to feel the villains are a force to be reckoned with. I hope this movie does lead us the a great 3rd installment.

    •  by  Pyapiopi

      While I enjoyed your small review I just want to point out a few things that may make you go “hmm well that changes things a little”.

      1. Quicksilver and scarlet witch. There is one line in the movie that if you don’t process or just glance over it, you miss their motives and reasoning completely. Cap at one point says “ya what kind of man lets a German scientist experiment on him to protect his country.” While a jab at himself (because that’s what he did) it also explains the twins. They suffered a awful loss at a young age and to them it was because of Stark. And for the longest time he was their enemy, and Ultron led them to believe (without intent to) that he would save the earth from these “villains”. Also to note these twins shared a bond, almost on a psychic level. Hence why when quicksilver died scarlet witch let out a scream and abandoned the missions to go after Ultron. So when she saw what Ultron actually intended to do and how he was the true villain, that must mean the avengers are actually the good guys.

      2. The hulk. You claim he “devolved” in this one but the ending is a clear indication that is 100% false. The hulk is clearly in control enough to be a good guy, hence the opening scene. So he never lost any control. But don’t let the fact that he needs to be calmed down to turn back a indication of devolution. We just never saw that transition in Avengers so without thinking about it you may not realize that he is now in more control then ever.

      3. Ultron. Yep he was portrayed as kind of weak. Not really weak but compared to comic counter part? Definitely. I mean he went toe to toe with Thor, with vision and was defeating cap and tony. He surely wasn’t weak. But the true threat wasn’t Ultron but his plan. One of the most beautiful scenes to express this was the “defend the button” scene. Ultron wasn’t the mission. Making sure this city doesn’t drop and wipe humanity is the most important thing. The whole final action scene was stark and cap battling how to save not only the world but not sacrifice thousands to do it. Until shield came it was a losing battle.

  26.  by  lol

    Your review is meh, not the movie.

  27.  by  Lucas Romeri

    Totally agree, Christy. I’d go so far as to say that this movie was terrible, and one of the worst films of 2015 so far. Don’t even give the Marvel fanboys trolling you in the comments the time of day- hopefully they will grow up someday. Great review!

  28.  by  Wilmer Begaye

    Agreed. The first Avengers is amazing. But AOU was thoroughly boring to me. Glad it has it’s fan base but I was let down too. I expected it to be better than the first and FOR ME it was not. What was most annoying was James Spaders’ Ultron that seemed goofy just like Tom Hardy’s Bane. Nothing frightening or interesting about those villains at all. Just my 2 cents.

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