Wine the Flick?! — Annihilation

I’m so glad I had someone to talk about “Annihilation” with me afterward, because there is a LOT to sort through. And I’m so glad that someone was Lisa Evans, a good friend and fellow mom I know from Nic’s former school. Lisa has great taste in movies and she always offers inspired opinions. I’m […] — Every Day

“Every Day” has a nice idea within nutty packaging. It’s an angsty teen romance based on a Young Adult novel about a spirit — or a soul, or something — that switches bodies every 24 hours. But in one of those bodies, he/she falls for that guy’s girlfriend: a sweet and sincere Maryland high schooler […] — Nostalgia

Mark Pellington’s “Nostalgia” is an extremely personal exploration of death, loss and memory. It features a strong cast giving their all, including Jon Hamm, Ellyn Burstyn, Bruce Dern and Catherine Keener. But it is just relentlessly somber. My review, at Read the review here

Wine the Flick?! — Fifty Shades Freed

It’s the thrilling climax of the “Fifty Shades” series — mainly because it’s so deliriously bonkers and unintentionally hilarious. My dear friend and former fellow school mom Jen Wang came with me to see the original “Fifty Shades of Grey” — and, like me, she was masochistic enough to read all the books — so […] — The Female Brain

Whitney Cummings tries to breathe new life into the tired, men-are-like-this, women-are-like-this style of romantic comedy both in front of and behind the camera with “The Female Brain.” But the stand-up comedian’s feature filmmaking debut is frustratingly hit-and-miss. My mixed review, at Read the review here

Revisiting Syriana

People often ask me if, after all these years of covering entertainment, there’s a celebrity I was especially nervous to interview. It wasn’t a superstar like Chris Evans or Penelope Cruz. It wasn’t an influential filmmaker like Clint Eastwood or Noah Baumbach. (Although I will say that Tommy Lee Jones was indeed a tough nut […] — Bilal: A New Breed of Hero

“Bilal: A New Breed of Hero” tells an inspiring story from a cultural perspective we don’t hear from enough in film, especially in animation. If only it were good. The narrative jumps all over the place in tone, and with its PG-13 rating, “Bilal” is really too intense and violent for young viewers. It has […]