A24 Films Rated R for language throughout. Running time: 85 minutes. Three and a half stars out of four. Movies that take place in real time and/or confined spaces may sound like flimsy gimmicks — see: “Phone Booth,” “Buried” —  but when they work, they can be supremely gripping. Take last year’s “All Is Lost,” […]

Revisiting Rango

Damn, I love “Rango” so much. It is absolutely gorgeous: vividly detailed, wildly colorful and thrillingly inventive from start to finish, even as it pays homage to such classic and eclectic films as “Chinatown,” “Apocalypse Now” and Clint Eastwood’s spaghetti Westerns. I had the pleasure of revisiting the 2011 animated comedy tonight with my son, […]

RogerEbert.com — The Other Woman

From revenge comedy to cautionary tale to scatological raunchfest to female empowerment drama, director Nick Cassavetes’ veers wildly all over the place. For a while, though, Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann share an enjoyable chemistry as two of the three woman who discover the same serial philanderer has wronged them. But then come the poop […]

RogerEbert.com — Brick Mansions

The last film Paul Walker completed before his death in a November 2013 car crash is an English-language remake of the French action thriller “District B13.” It’s ridiculous, but at least it has the decency to acknowledge that it’s ridiculous. And it’s a solid showcase of Walker’s charisma, agility and strong screen screen presence. He […]

RogerEbert.com — The German Doctor

Nazis and puberty and a creepy doll factory, all wrapped up in one story: The prospect of such anxiety sounds like it would be almost be too much to bear. But “The German Doctor” treats its depiction of “Angel of Death” Josef Mengele’s years of hiding in Patagonia with artful restraint. My RogerEbert.com review. Read […]

What the Flick?! — The Other Woman

Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann have some solid chemistry with each other in this comedy about scorned women seeking revenge. But then Kate Upton shows up, and the whole endeavor turns irretrievably slapsticky.

What the Flick?! — Brick Mansions

Paul Walker’s final completed film is an enjoyably trashy, English-language remake of the French action thriller “District B13.” It’s not a great movie but it’s a solid showcase for what Walker did best.


Warner Bros. Pictures Rated PG-13 for sci-fi action and violence, some bloody images, brief strong language and sensuality. Running time: 119 minutes. Two stars out of four. Wally Pfister has made his name as one of the top cinematographers in the industry, having worked consistently with Christopher Nolan and winning an Academy Award for Nolan’s […]

RogerEbert.com — 13 Sins

“13 Sins” is darkly funny and deeply twisted. It’s a remake of a 2006 Thai film but it also has something relevant to say about today’s economic woes and the culturally-driven desire to get rich quick. See it with someone who isn’t easily offended. Here’s my RogerEbert.com review. Read the review here

RogerEbert.com — Bears

Bears! They’re cute and cuddly and furry. But sometimes they get hungry, and there isn’t always a pic-a-nic basket lying around. My RogerEbert.com review of the latest family-friendly Disneynature documentary timed to Earth Day. Read the review here