What the Flick?! — Some Velvet Morning

Alonso and I marvel at the verbal sparring of Stanley Tucci and Alice Eve in Neil LaBute’s biting and twisty “Some Velvet Morning.”

What the Flick?! — Christmas movies

Matt and I help Alonso pimp out his book, “Have Yourself a Movie Little Christmas,” and discuss our most-favorite and least-favorite holiday films.

Studio 11 LA — The Hobbit, American Hustle

One of the best films of the year, “American Hustle,” is in theaters this weekend. So is the second of Peter Jackson’s three films based on “The Hobbit.” Lauren Sivan and I discuss them, as well as the Screen Actors Guild Award nominations, on Studio 11 LA. Watch the clip here

RogerEbert.com — Ms. 45

This week, Drafthouse Films is re-releasing the cult classic “Ms. 45,” Abel Ferrara’s 1981 rape and revenge tale which, in retrospect, was really rather revolutionary. As part of Women’s Week at RogerEbert.com, Sheila O’Malley, Susan Wloszczyna and I had the pleasure of doing on online roundtable discussion of the film. Read the discussion here

Out of the Furnace

Relativity Media Rated R for strong violence language and drug content. Running time: 116 minutes. Two and a half stars out of four. “Out of the Furnace” is a down-and-dirty revenge picture whose classy cast elevates it above its gritty, grimy trappings. Christian Bale and Casey Affleck are chief among them as troubled brothers who […]

RogerEbert.com — Twice Born

“Twice Born” takes the Bosnian conflict and tastelessly uses it as the backdrop for a melodramatic romance and a twisty mystery involving paternity. The ill-suited Penelope Cruz and Emile Hirsch struggle to convince us that they’re desperately in love with each other. My RogerEbert.com review. Read the review here

What the Flick?! — Tribute to Paul Walker

Looking back at the solid career and sad death of Paul Walker, star of the “Fast & Furious” franchise who perished in a fiery car crash at a charity event. I’m still sad thinking about the loss of this likable actor.

What the Flick?! — Out of the Furnace

Alonso, Matt and I are mixed on “Out of the Furnace.” It’s a gritty, grimy genre picture about meth heads and backwoods criminals that’s elevated by an excellent cast including Christian Bale, Casey Affleck and Woody Harrelson.

On Paul Walker, 1973-2013

An eerie sort of sadness lingers following the death of Paul Walker. Of course, the way he died was horrific — crashing into a light pole as a passenger in a red Porsche during what was supposed to have been a quick ride at a charity event. To say that his death in a car […]