— Nebraska

Alexander Payne rips the lid off the Midwestern mythology with his latest film, “Nebraska.” Bruce Dern gives the performance of his prolific career as a cantankerous drunk who believes he’s won a million dollars and insists on making the 900-mile trek to pick up the prize money personally. This is a movie that stuck with […] — Reaching for the Moon

“Reaching for the Moon,” about poet Elizabeth Bishop’s lesbian romance in Rio, has some strong performances and oozes boldly minimalist mid-century modern style. But ultimately it feels like one of those frustratingly superficial biopics that try to cram in too much without providing much insight. My review. Read the review here

Studio 11 LA — Nebraska, Frozen, Catching Fire

Jeff, Christine and I were all over the place today on Studio 11 LA, from “Nebraska” to “Frozen.” Curl up and enjoy. Watch the video here — Ass Backwards

I first saw “Ass Backwards” as a juror at this year’s Outfest film festival and found myself laughing nearly the entire way through — even though the wild scenarios weren’t always all that funny — thanks to the commitment and outrageous chemistry between co-stars, co-writers and longtime collaborators June Diane Raphael and Casey Wilson. My […] — Paris Countdown

“Paris Countdown” is a middle-aged bromance tucked inside a French crime thriller, a slick and brutal B-action picture that finds writer-director Edgar Marie channeling Nicolas Winding Refn channeling early Michael Mann. It all feels familiar but never feels memorable. My Roger review. Read the review here

Studio 11 LA — Thor, About Time and more

Lots of movies opening in theaters or going wider this weekend, including “Thor: The Dark World,” “About Time,” “Dallas Buyers Club” and “Diana.” I break down what’s worth seeing and what’s not with the fine folks at Studio 11 LA. Watch the video here

About Time

Universal Pictures Rated R for language and some sexual content. Running time: 123 minutes. Three stars out of four. “About Time” is an extremely Richard Curtis-y Richard Curtis film, which is great for fans of the British writer-director and perfectly ghastly for everyone else. I have to admit I’m not a complete devotee; “Love Actually,” […]

Movies With Friends — Diana

Royal expert Kelly Lynch and I enjoy better chemistry just sitting around chatting over a glass of wine than Naomi Watts and Naveen Andrews have while swept up in a passionate and doomed love affair in “Diana.” Kelly is a dear friend of ours who’s a contributing editor at Spin Media and the creator of […] — Free Birds

Everything about “Free Birds” feels perfunctory, from its generic title and holiday setting to its starry voice cast and undistinguished use of 3-D. My review of this animated turkey. Read the review here — Capital

Comedian Gad Elmaleh is chilling as the young CEO of a powerful French bank trying to master the various power plays in motion around him. Veteran director Costa-Gavras finds greed may not be as good as it used to be in this financial thriller. My review. Read the review here